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The Manga

As far as I know, I have only been able to find one place that offers the Rockman.exe manga. Please check out Anime Nation, they are located in their Import Manga section. The mangas will also show up on ebay from time to time, but make sure you know if you are getting the original japanese or the chinese versions (chinese versions actually say Rockman.exe on the front, while the japanese spells it in katakana). Please go ((- here -)) to see examples of the manga in japanese.

The manga by Ryo Takamisaki is being released in English by the company Viz, under the new title Megaman NT Warrior. These mangas retain their original covers and backwards reading style, to stay true to the original. The names however, have been changed to fit the currently airing dub. So far, the translation has been very, very accurate. Unlike the dub anime version, there are also no edits or cuts to the content. You can order these mangas from ((- Anime Nation -)).

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