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Plush & UFO Catchers

These things are so cute! I highly reccommend in buying these when you can find them, as popular plush toys quickly become hard to find and very expensive. I can forsee the Blues plush becoming extremely high in demand. ^_- So far the characters that are included are Rockman (normal style), Rockman w/sword and mask, Blues, Gutsman and Roll. Here are a few sites that have them for sale:

-Wizzy Wig

After Rockman.exe Axess began airing, two new Rockman plushies showed up. I'm not quite sure where to normally buy these, as no sites have them listed besides the yahoo japan auctions. One auction stated that it came from a game center in Japan, while a plush store stated that these were a Limited Edition release. Nevertheless, their price tags run around $80. But they are so cute! So far I have found 2 different styles, one of Rockman smiling, and another of Rockman frowning and with a buster on one arm. These plushies are 32 cm, or approximately 1 foot tall!

I will keep updating this page as more merchandise becomes available.
If you finding something Rockman.exe related, and it is not listed here, please let me know!