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Every 3 months (or so) Rockman.exe Online hosts a new fun type of contest, with special Rockman goodies as the prize! Each contest will have a special feature and requirement in order to enter. I try my best to make each of these contests available to everyone. Anyone and everyone is allowed to enter, no matter what country you live in. I pay for all expenses: the prizes, the shipping, all of it! All you have to do is enter! ^_^ Please send all entries to Thank you, and good luck!

Contest #12 - December 2006:

I always get complaints when I make a contest, usually when it's fanart based or fanfiction based. "I can't draw!", or "I can't write!" you say. So, as a gesture of good will, this month's contest will require neither! All you'll need is that handy brain of yours, which your mother always tells you not to waste on video games and mountain dew.

((- This contest is now over! Thank you so much to our entrants. This month's winner is Marcos Koga! Congratulations! -))

The Prize:
Man, what the heck would an EXE prize be in December if not the brand spanking new Ryuusei game series!? That's right, the lucky winner will get to pick one of the three versions of Ryuusei no Rockman for the Nintendo DS, straight from Japan. This contest will end the day before the release date, which means I'll order the winner's copy right on the day of release. What an exciting barrel of monkies that is!

The Requirements:
I warned you that this month's contest would be a brain teaser, and that's just putting it lightly. Lets play some word scramblers!

I've scrambled a total of 20 words from the EXE genre, be it character names, attacks, popular phrases, whatever! Some answers may be more than one word. Your job is to unscramble the nonsense, and put it back into a coherant order. All answers refer to the Japanese version of EXE, not the english dub.

How to Win:
If by chance more than one person figures out all 20 word(s), there will be a random drawing among those entrants. If -no one- figures out all 20 (quite possible!), then whomever figures out the most will be the winner. If there is a tie, then the same action of a random drawing between the top scorers will take place.

The Deadline:
This contest will end at midnight (central time) on December 13th. The winner will then be announced on December 14th!

How to Enter:
Here is the list of 20 word scrambles! ( CLICK HERE FOR THE LIST! )

Please make a list of 1 through 20 (vertically please), with your answer beside each number. This list should be inside an e-mail which can be sent to, along with the following information:

Name (real or online alias):

That's it, everyone! Good luck!

Previous Contests:

Listed here are all the previous contests that Rockman.exe Online has held! This also gives you an idea of what types of contests have been held, as well as the prizes that have been given away. All winners of these contests are free to participate in all future contests as well, there are no limitations.

Contest #1 (February 2003)
                - Requirement to enter: Post in the welcome thread at the Grand Opening of the Message Board
                - Prize: Rockman.exe manga volume of your choice
                - Winner: Gutsman.EXE

Contest #2 (May 2003)
                - Requirement to enter: Create your own style-change for Rockman by fanart & description
                - Prize: Rockman & Blues Plushies
                - Entries:
                - Winner: Jean

Contest #3 (September 2003)
                - Requirement to enter: To write a fanfic, "What would life be like if Saito / Hub had lived?"
                - Prize: Autographed Rockman.exe Manga #1
                - Entries:
                - Winner: Kero Trigger

Contest #4 (December 2003)
                - Requirement to enter: To write a rockman themed christmas carol
                - Prize: Rockman.exe PET (Netto's)
                - Entries:
                - Winner: Izumi

Contest #5 (March 2004)
                - Requirement to enter: Draw a RM.EXE Online Admin as a Navi
                - Prize: Rockin' Box
                - Entries:
                - Winner: X

Contest #6 (June 2004)
                - Requirement to enter: Unscramble 10 Random Screenshots
                - Prize: Battle Plaction Rockman Figure
                - Entries: Randomly chose winner from those who guessed all 10 correctly.
                - Winner: Sora Mazaki

Contest #7 (September 2004)
                - Requirement to enter: Draw your own Mini-Manga
                - Prize: Blues Soul Unison Figure
                - Entries:
                - Winner: Tabby Kitsune

Contest #8 (December 2004)
                - Requirement to enter: Guess the Site Chibis
                - Prize: Netto's Progress PET and Deluxe Rockman Figure
                - Entries: Randomly chose winner from those who guessed all correctly.
                - Winner: Netto-kun & Paper Ace Chase

Contest #9 (April 2005)
                - Requirement to enter: Design A Battlechip
                - Prize: EXE5 Japanase Players Guide
                - Entries:
                - Winner: Seth

Contest #10 (December 2005)
                - Requirement to enter: Sign a Rockman song!
                - Prize: Forte Cross Rockman model, wristbands, battle chips
                - Entries: Click Here
                - Winners: Daidairo (Best Female), Splashman (Best Male), Marisa (Most Original), YamiKusanagi (Worst Performance), Rockman Idol (Izumi)

Contest #11 (September 2006)
                - Requirement to enter: Gender Swap EXE!
                - Prize: Battle Story Mangas 1 - 4
                - Entries: Click Here
                - Winner: Plantman.EXE

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