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What is it:

Megaman NT Warrior is an anime television show that began airing on the Kids WB on May 17th, 2003 at 8:30am Saturday morning. This story is based around an elementary school kid named Lan Hikari, who's best friend is his personal Net Navigator (Net Navi) Megaman, who resides inside his computerized PET (Personal Terminal). In Lan's day and age, every appliance and all types of systems are all connected to the internet. An evil crime organization known as the World 3 rises up and attempts to take control of the city by terrorizing Dentech City's networks. It's up to Lan, Megaman and all their friends to stop Dr. Wily and his World 3 henchmen from taking over the world! There are 56 episodes in all, featuring 2 complete seasons.

How it all began:

Megaman NT Warrior originally aired in Japan in 2002 under the original Japanese title, "Rockman.exe" The series was very popular during it's run, and ended in March of 2003 at episode 56. The first season runs through episodes 1 - 25, and season 2 is compiled of episodes 26 - 56. On October 4th of 2003, Rockman.exe picked up once again with a brand new series, "Rockman.exe Axess". Furthermore, once Axess ended in Japan after 51 episodes, it continued directly on to its third new series, "Rockman.exe Stream." Last but not least, a 45 minute long "Rockman.exe The Movie: The Program of Light and Darkness" was released in Japanese theaters on March 12, 2005.

There is also a comic / manga version that is authored and drawn by Japanese artist Ryo Takamisaki. The general NT Warrior / Rockman.exe series is based on the video games made for the Gameboy Advance platform, under the title "Megaman Battle Network". However, there are some key differences between the games and the anime show.

Personal Opinion:

In all honesty, the english version of MegaMan NT Warrior is catered towards an audience of very young children. While I realize this is the same case as in Japan, there's some big differences between the two cultures. The American version has been watered down heavily; swords are blunted, certain scenes are removed, the music has been replaced, entire episodes are missing, character's names have been changed, and so on. While I reccommend watching NT Warrior to get a feel of the show, I highly suggest you take the time to hunt down the original version of Rockman.exe to enjoy it at its fullest potential.

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