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Cut Episodes

Unfortunately, like many other anime series that have been aired on kids TV, Megaman NT Warrior suffered a huge loss in cut episodes. The reasons for cutting them from airing has been undetermined, as some of these episodes were very important to the plotline, and introduced main characters to the series. It's really a shame. Not only that, but the KidsWB in the US decided to cut even more episodes from those that had actually been dubbed. The end result is that fans have been left confused and wandering in trying to piece together the storyline for a very detailed plot of this series.

Megaman NT Warrior:

Episode 20: Yaito-chan! Close Call [Aired in Canada Only]
Episode 26: Bizarre! Mystery of the Ghost Ship!
Episode 27: To Become An Idol!
Episode 37: Crimson Flash! [Aired in Canada Only]
Episode 43: Take Me Out to the Ball Game!
Episode 52: Secret of the Ayano-Kouji House!
Episode 53: Commander Beef vs. Netto-kun! [Aired in Canada Only]

Megaman NT Warrior Axess:

Episode 22: Bubbleman's Great Friend Strategy
Episode 30: Love Love Aquaman
Episode 32: Revival! Commander Beef

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