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Megaman NT Warrior Video Clips

Here you will find various video clips captured from the dub version of Megaman NT Warrior. The commercial clips were made by Planet Mega Man, and can not be posted on any other site without my permission or theirs. Also, if I find any site hotlinking to my files, they will be deleted and taken down. With that said, please enjoy!

Premiere Commercial: Heroes of the Internet
[ File Size: 4.55MB ] [ Download ]
Comments : This was a commercial that aired before the season premiere of Megaman NT Warrior. This was the first 30 second commercial, and it features an introduction to all the various Net Navis of the series.
Premiere Commercial: Welcome to Dentech City
[ File Size: 4.66MB ] [ Download ]
Comments : Yet another season premiere commercial! This one gives you a closer look at the atmosphere of the series, and what viewers are to look forward to. Also the first mentioning of "Dentech City".
Megaman NT Warrior Opening - In German!
[ File Size: 6.21MB ] [ Download ]
Comments : Special thanks to Yoshizu for sending along the German version of the NT Warrior opening. ^_^ Though it features the same footage, their song actually has lyrics. O_o

Please do not take the clips from this site! These belong primarily to Rockman.exe Online and Planet Mega Man.