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From the original to the American dub:

In Rockman.exe's transformation into Megaman NT Warrior, many things were changed and altered. This section is to help newbies to the NT Warrior series understand this site and all the information about Rockman.exe in a more clarified way.

The Music & Dialouge:

One of the greatest aspects of Rockman.exe was it's great soundtrack and background music. Unfortunately, NT Warrior completely replaces this with mudane techno beats and sound effects. The awesome japanese opening theme that lasted all 56 episodes was also chopped out, and replaced with a new opening theme that didn't even resemble it in the slightest. The character's dialouge is greatly altered (though this is getting slightly better with the new release of Axess). Many fans of the original may find the dub very strange to listen to, especially where Netto and Rockman are concerned. Considering that these two are voiced by females in Japan, their more male-toned voices in the English version is a big change.

The Characters:

By far the biggest difference lies in the characters names. Almost every single character recieved a new english dub name, which creates a lot of confusion when relating NT Warrior back to the original Rockman.exe version. Listed here are the main characters and their name transitions:

-- Lan: Netto
-- Megaman: Rockman
-- Maylu: Meiru
-- Dex: Dekao
-- Yai: Yaito
-- Chaud: Enzan
-- Protoman: Blues
-- Tory: Tohru
-- Mr. Match: Kenichi Hino
-- Torchman: Fireman
-- Maddy: Madoi
-- Wackoman: Coloredman
-- Count Zap: Count Elec / Hakushaku
-- Yahoot: Mahajarama
-- Blasterman: Bomberman
-- Moltanicman: Napalman
-- Mr. Famous: Meijin Eguchi
-- Ribbita: Midorikawa Kero
-- Dave: Daisuke
-- Bass: Forte
-- Grave: Gospel
-- Kid Grave: Shuryou
-- Mr. Higsby: Higure

Technical Jumbo:

Being that NT Warrior is a very "technilogical" anime, it has many devices and phrases that have been edited or changed to suit a younger American audience better. Listed here are all of those such changes or info:

"Jack in, Megaman!"
This is the phrase that Lan uses to plug in Megaman into the internet. In the Japanese version, Lan instead says "Plug in, Rockman.exe! Transmission!" The term "Jack in" was used in the english Battle Network games.

"Cyber Sword Battle Chip, in! Download!"
This is what a Net Battler will say when inserting a battle chip into their PET, for their Net Navi to use in battle. In the original, the battler would instead say "Battle Chip, Sword! Slot in!" Note that almost all of the battle chips featured in the show were completely renamed in the dub version (Cybersword = Sword, Blaster = Shotgun, Megaguts Thump = Megaguts Punch, etc).

Dentech City
Dentech City was originally known as Densan City. Likewise, Dentech Acadamy was the Densan Elementary school. In the games however, the city was called ACDC town.

Net Navis
Surprisingly the term "Net Navi" was kept the same as the original version. A Net Navi(gator) is a computer program that resides inside of a small computer called a PET (Personal Terminal). Each Net Navi is programmed with a unique personality to match his or her operator.

PET is short for a Personal Terminal hand-held computer. In NT Warrior they pronounce it as P-E-T, however in Rockman.exe it is pronounced simply as the word Pet. Inside of every PET lies a program called a Net Navi, which helps the operator operate the PET and to surf the net. Most operators become good friends with their Net Navis, as they're programmed to have friendly personalities.

Jack Out, Log Out, or Deleted?
Many people become confused by these three terms. I will try to explain them in simple words:

Jack Out: The operator manually pulls out the plug on the connection to the net, and their Net Navi is transferred back into their PET.
Log Out: The Net Navi suffers a critical amount of damage, and is automatically transferred back to the operators PET.
Deleted: The Net Navi's data is damaged completely beyond repair, he or she is "dead".

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