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Synchro Chip, Slot In! Cross Fusion! (Episode 1)
[ File Size: 10.20MB ] [ Download ] [ subbed ]
Comments : Quite possibly the coolest battle feature ever, the cross fusion technique allows Rockman and Netto to merge in the real world, and battle together. Very awsome indeed!
Unsynchronized: Cross Fusion Fails! (Episode 3)
[ File Size: 6.23MB ] [ Download ] [ subbed ]
Comments : After arguing with each other the entire day long, Netto and Rockman are hardly in the mood to cooperate with each other. When the need to use Cross Fusion arises, it ends up in dissaster!
Cross Fusion, Enzan and Blues! (Episode 20)
[ File Size: 7.42MB ] [ Download ] [ subbed ]
Comments : It's every fangirl's dream come true. XD We prayed and wished for it, and we were heard! Synchro Chip, slot in! Blues and Enzan! can see his eeeyeees! *Ryouko gets stuffed in a sack and carried away*
Slot-In! The Battle Chip Gate (Episode 33)
[ File Size: 5.38MB ] [ Download ] [ raw ]
Comments : When Netto finds himself outmatched by Gravityman, Enzan steps in and activates the powerful Battle Chip Gate, which allows him to assist Netto in battle!
Cross Fusion: Meiru & Roll! (Episode 42)
[ File Size: 6.98MB ] [ Download ] [ raw ]
Comments : Meiru has a wonderful dream of proving herself to Netto, by performing Cross Fusion with her navi Roll. Unfortunately, her dream stays only as a dream, but it was nice to see it anyways.