Rockman.exe Axess Music & Videos

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Rockman.exe Axess Opening Theme - Futatsu no Mirai [TV Size]
[ File Size: 1.37MB ] [ Download ]
Comments : The brand new opening for Rockman.exe Axess, it carries along the Rockman flavor with its upbeat tune and vocals. Just as addicting as Kaze wo Tsukinukete, this is a great song!
Rockman.exe Axess Ending Theme - Hikari Todoku Basho [TV Size]
[ File Size: 1.38MB ] [ Download ]
Comments : I absolutely adore this song! It's sung by none other than Netto and Rockman. It's about time these two got a song of their own. ^_^ An upbeat and cute song, just as addicting as the opening!
Rockman.exe Axess Ending Theme - Hikari Todoku Bashou De [Full Size]
[ File Size: 2.58MB ] [ Download ]
Comments : PlantmanEXE was kind and gracious enough to put together a "full version" of this ending song. Originally this song was split into two segments, which didn't really make much sense. But, now it does! Thanks Planty! REO Exclusive Download!
Rockman.exe Axess Opening Theme - Futatsu no Mirai [Piano Solo]
[ File Size: 1.33MB ] [ Download ]
Comments : This piano version of Futatsu no Mirai was made by a fan composer, Mari. A very special thanks goes to her for letting me post it here! This song is so very sweet to listen to. REO Exclusive Download!
Dark Blues' Theme - By Heat Man [Midi Format]
[ File Size: 0.15MB ] [ Download ]
Comments : I use this as one of my ringtones on my cell phone. XD and now you can too! Special thanks to Heat Man for letting me borrow this awesome tune he made, replicating Dark Blues' very own theme. REO Exclusive Download!