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Soul Unison: Roll! (Episode 4)
[ File Size: 12.10MB ] [ Download ] [ subbed ]
Comments : The Soul Unison styles are something new being introduced in BN/EXE 4. Enter the first of the Soul Unisons in the anime, Roll Soul! This episode was -great- for Rockman/Roll and Netto/Meiru fans. :D
Soul Unison: Fireman! (Episode 7)
[ File Size: 10.05MB ] [ Download ] [ subbed ]
Comments : Rockman finds himself in a pinch when facing off against a dark power induced Plantman. What better way to get rid of weeds though, than with fire! It's the heroic return of Fireman! Soul Unison: Fire Soul!
Soul Unison: Gutsman! (Episode 9)
[ File Size: 6.14MB ] [ Download ] [ subbed ]
Comments : Dekao and Gutsman return from Jawaii, to show Netto and Rockman that they're stronger! However Burnerman intervenes, and causes Rockman and Gutsman to team up once again.
Soul Unison: Numberman! (Episode 16)
[ File Size: 6.11MB ] [ Download ] [ subbed ]
Comments : Numberman becomes determined to save Aquaman, but he can't do it on his own. The situation triggers a new soul unison, Number Soul! Rockman gains his scanning abilities and dice bomb attacks.
Soul Unison: Metalman! (Episode 17)
[ File Size: 14.07MB ] [ Download ] [ subbed ]
Comments : Metalman proves to Rockman over and over again that he'll do anything to protect him. Their bond of friendship while in great peril triggers none other than a new Soul Unison!
Soul Unison: Searchman! (Episode 19)
[ File Size: 10.80MB ] [ Download ] [ subbed ]
Comments : When Searchman defies his operators commands in order to save Rockman, he becomes seriously injured. So together they combine forces in order to stop the Dark Loid, Desertman!
Soul Unison: Aquaman! (Episode 30)
[ File Size: 15.62MB ] [ Download ] [ raw ]
Comments : Burnerman leads Rockman to a place where Netto can't send him Battle Chips! Unfortunately, Aquaman has also tagged along despite Rockman's warnings to flee. This was an unusual Soul Unison. ^_^;
Soul Unison: Thunderman! (Episode 37)
[ File Size: 8.53MB ] [ Download ] [ raw ]
Comments : It's up to the mysterious navi "Masked Thunder" and Rockman to stop a Darkloid's rampage. However, with Swordman's split personalities, it's like 3 Darkloids in one!
Soul Unison: Windman! (Episode 38)
[ File Size: 5.93MB ] [ Download ] [ raw ]
Comments : Windman is a navi from Shiisaa Island, and is devoted to protecting his home. Needleman infests himself into the island's ancient wind god statue, and becomes absorbed with power!
Soul Unison: Woodman! (Episode 39)
[ File Size: 9.11MB ] [ Download ] [ raw ]
Comments : Rockman and Woodman come across Sparkman, who has taken over their train. Not only that, but he plans to ram it straight into the station! It takes the combined power of these two to save the day.
Soul Unison: Junkman! (Episode 47)
[ File Size: 5.63MB ] [ Download ] [ raw ]
Comments : The one and only Soul Unison that does NOT take place during a battle. (Sorta like how it happens in the actual game version.) Junkman bestows upon Rockman his ultimate gift of friendship!