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An Assassin's Final Mission (Episode 12)
[ File Size: 11.3MB ] [ Download ] [ subbed ]
Comments : This is quite possibly one of the most painful deletion scenes to ever be shown in the entire EXE series, with the exception of poor Shademan (does it hurt worse to get your arms sniped or ripped off your body?) I think you get the point.
The Death of Beastman (Episode 17)
[ File Size: 7.46MB ] [ Download ] [ subbed ]
Comments : Beastman learns firsthand the terrible side-effects of the Dark Chips on his soul. It's up to Netto and Rockman to finally put him out of his misery! Warning, there is some foul language involved.
Dark Chip, Slot In! (Episode 27)
[ File Size: 14.62MB ] [ Download ] [ raw ]
Comments : Both Blues and Rockman find themselves unable to beat Shademan and save their operators. Netto's last choice is to use a Dark Chip, but before he can, a certain friend takes the situation out of his hands.
Blues: 100% Dark Loid (Episode 29)
[ File Size: 2.58MB ] [ Download ] [ raw ]
Comments : After Enzan used the Dark Chip, Blues' soul became completely corrupted, and he joined the ranks of the Dark Loids. To ensure his loyalty, Laserman forces the navi to fully integrate with his new Dark Soul.
Dark Soul Blues vs. Enzan (Episode 49)
[ File Size: 11.52MB ] [ Download ] [ raw ]
Comments : The final confrontation between former operator and navi. Enzan will stop at nothing to get Blues back! One of the most emotional scenes in EXE ever to be aired, and definately a favourite.
The Last of the Darkloids (Episode 51)
[ File Size: 8.11MB ] [ Download ] [ raw ]
Comments : Shademan finally has his confrontation against Regal, releasing his anger at being betrayed. Determined to wipe out all humans, Shademan's only goal is to kill Regal first. Unfortunately, Regal has used Cross Fusion with Laserman, making him quite the match.
The Place Where Light Reaches (Episode 51)
[ File Size: 11.30MB ] [ Download ] [ raw ]
Comments : Get ready for one of the most climatic battles ever seen in EXE! It's Full Synchro Netto and Rockman verses Dr. Regal and Laserman. Quite a fantastic finish to the outstanding Axess series!