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To save these files to your hardrive, right click and chose "save as". Then pick the folder you wish to save to, and hit save. You must have winzip in order to unzip these files, and all video files are encoded in avi format. All of these files were encoded and edited by myself. If you wish to use them elsewhere, PLEASE ask my permission first, I spent a lot of time on these. To play these files, you must first unzip them with a program called WINZIP. You can download this at Enjoy!

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Most of my music videos are hosted by You must sign up in order to download from their site, much like a forum. This is the only way I can keep these videos online at a constant rate. I would appreciate any opinions you can give me by filling out the "submit opinion" form found with each video. :) Thank you, and I hope you enjoy!

Rockman.exe AMV #1 - "Just Once More"
[ File Size: 33MB ] [ Download ] [ Produced by Ryouko ]
Comments : This was my first amv to produce, though not my first treck through video editing (I'm an art media major). This video centers around Rockman, Roll, then Blues. ^_^
Rockman.exe AMV #2 - "Bring Me To Life"
[ File Size: 36MB ] [ Download ] [ Produced by Ryouko ]
[ AnimeFEST 2004 AMV Contest Winner - Best Action Video ]
Comments : This took me over 100 hours of labor to complete, but I was damn proud of the end result. This one captures mostly Rockman, Blues, and Forte.
Rockman.exe AMV #3 - "Digital Anguish" - [Final Version]
[ File Size: 37MB ] [ Download ] [ Produced by Ryouko ]
Comments : This is one of those "dedicated to the soccer moms because we hate you" kind of videos. :) Features mostly Axess, and some EXE and Stream.
Megaman X8 Fan Opening Trailer
[ File Size: 37MB ] [ Download ] [ Produced by Ryouko, LBD, Heat Man ]
Comments : A collaborative effort between myself, LBD Nytetrayn (Megaman Network) and Heat Man (Planet Megaman). Since the english version didn't get an opening song, we decided to give it one. :)