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Synchro Chip, Slot In! (Episode 3)
[ File Size: 6.44MB ] [ Download ] [ subbed]
Comments : Of course, a new type of PET for the Net Savior duo means an all new look when transforming into Cross Fusion. Introducing Cross Fusion v.2: Rockman/Netto and Blues/Enzan!
Net Savior of Sharo: Laika! (Episode 17)
[ File Size: 10.07MB ] [ Download ] [ subbed]
Comments : Despite his constant aurguments that Cross Fusion is not needed, Laika finally gives in when the threat of the Asteroid navis in the real world becomes too great.
An Agent of Nebula No Longer (Episode 21)
[ File Size: 7.76MB ] [ Download ] [ subbed]
Comments : After the fall of Nebula, Yuriko turns to her father, Dr. Wily, for help. It would seem a new stage in her life has begun: as a member of the Cross Fusion Team!
Cross Fusion For All, Even The Bad (Episode 25)
[ File Size: 14.70MB ] [ Download ] [ subbed]
Comments : It's Tesla's 30th 29th birthday, and her father Gauss knows exactly what she wants. Her very own Synchro Chip! This can only spell disaster for Netto and the others.
A Dream Becomes Reality (Episode 28)
[ File Size: 9.79MB ] [ Download ] [ subbed]
Comments : The first time Meiru used Cross Fusion, it was only a simple daydream. This time however, it's all very real. Rush Synchro Chip, slot in! Pink rules!
It's A Bird, It's A Plane....It's Charlie! (Episode 41)
[ File Size: 2.84MB ] [ Download ] [ subbed]
Comments : Charlie's next up in line to receive a Synchro Chip, as the Crests of Duo begin to gather for the final confrontation against Duo. Fly high into the sky, Charlie!
Henshin A Go-Go, Baby! (Episode 42)
[ File Size: 28.60MB ] [ Download ] [ subbed]
Comments : Can't get enough Cross Fusion yet? Then how about four more newcomers all at the same time? This scene brings the Cross Fusion Team up to a total of eleven members!
We Like Neenjas (Episode 43)
[ File Size: 6.51MB ] [ Download ] [ subbed]
Comments : It takes quite awhile for Miyabi to figure out just which side he's really on: good or bad? In this episode, he finally makes his decision, which leads to a new member of the Cross Fusion team.
The Best For Last; Colonel Barrel (Episode 50)
[ File Size: 5.62MB ] [ Download ] [ subbed]
Comments : Barrel's problem for most of the series is that he's either stuck twenty years in the past, or he's dead. So it takes all fifty episodes to get his past self up to the present, just in time for the final showdown. Please note that this clip does contain series spoilers.