Rockman.exe Stream Music & Videos

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Rockman.exe Stream Opening
[ File Size: 10.90MB ] [ Download ]
Comments : Featuring a slew of new characters, and a bunch of the old, you're in for a treat! The animation is smooth, as is the music to boot. A definate cool opening for the new third season of EXE!
Rockman.exe Stream Ending
[ File Size: 10.90MB ] [ Download ]
Comments : A great new ending that shows off some of the cool features of the new PET. This also showcases the main characters, such as Rockman/Netto and Blues/Enzan.
Rockman.exe Stream Ending #2
[ File Size: 8.84MB ] [ Download ]
Comments : A rare treat indeed, Stream opened this surprise at Episode 26. This new ending features Netto/Rockman, Enzan/Blues, and Laika/Searchman, and fits to a remix of the original ending theme from Axess.
Rockman.exe: The Movie - Commercial
[ File Size: 1.66MB ] [ Download ]
Comments : The first actual "commercial" that shows footage from the upcoming Rockman.exe movie. This reveals a few new things, such as Cross Fusion Laika / Searchman, and non-cloaked Forte. Woohoo.