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Netbattling Evolution: Pet 3! (Episode 3)
[ File Size: 4.74MB ] [ Download ] [ subbed ]
Comments : The newest sleek style of PETs, this brand produced by IPC features a custom handle grip and a very cool touch screen panel. Move over Advanced PETs, it's time for the PET 3s!
Forte vs. Slur (Episode 2)
[ File Size: 5.95MB ] [ Download ] [ subbed ]
Comments : For the first time ever, we finally get to see Forte fight. The video's segmented, because there was a lot of "other" stuff going on inbetween. Hopefully this won't be the last time Forte pulls out his arsenal.
A Navi of Mystery, Colonel (Episode 8)
[ File Size: 16.80MB ] [ Download ] [ subbed ]
Comments : Colonel has one of the best intro scenes ever given to a character from EXE, so he deserves his own slot here. Enjoy all the pretty battle eye candy!