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Rockman.exe Opening Theme - Kaze wo Tsukinukete [Full Version]
[ File Size: 4.22MB ] [ Download ]
Comments : The catchy theme song that lasted all 56 episodes of the Rockman.exe series. This is performed by Hashimoto Jin, and you can find the lyrics here.
Rockman.exe Opening Theme - Kaze wo Tsukinukete [Karaoke / Full Version]
[ File Size: 4.25MB ] [ Download ]
Comments : Need a version of the opening, only without the words? Well here you go! This is the full length version of the song, without words so you can sing along on your own. Great for cosplay skits!
Rockman.exe Ending Theme #1 - Piece of Peace - [TV Size]
[ File Size: 1.70MB ] [ Download ]
Comments : This is the first ending song that aired with episodes 1 through 25. This is a really pretty slow song, sung by a female vocalist. Unfortunately, no full length version was ever released.
Rockman.exe Ending Theme #1 - Piece of Peace - [Piano Solo]
[ File Size: 1.94MB ] [ Download ]
Comments : This piano version of Piece of Peace was made by a fan composer, Mari. A very special thanks goes to her for letting me post it here! This song is so very sweet to listen to. REO Exclusive Download!
Rockman.exe Ending Theme #2 - Begin the Try [Full Version]
[ File Size: 3.17MB ] [ Download ]
Comments : This song is performed by Shoutaro, who is known for performing many songs for other Rockman video games. This is an upbeat and catchy song that aired at the end of episodes 26 through 56.
Rockman.exe Ending Theme #2 - Begin the Try [Karaoke / Full Version]
[ File Size: 3.12MB ] [ Download ]
Comments : Just like the opening, here is a wordless version of the 2nd ending. Perfect for singing along!
Matsukaze Masaya - Toki no Ito [Blues.EXE]
[ File Size: 3.87MB ] [ Download ]
Comments : This song isn't related to the Rockman series, but it IS sung by the voice actor for Blues. Therefor I thought many fans out there would enjoy it. I know I sure do! This a beautiful song, sung by a beautiful voice.
Aki-chan's Song - Install Your Heart
[ File Size: 1.63MB ] [ Download ]
Comments : The debut of the first ever Vocal cd album for EXE finally gave us an official release of Aki-chan's song from the first season! Yay!
Rockman.exe Opening Theme - Kaze wo Tsukinukete [Korean / TV Size]
[ File Size: 3.87MB ] [ Download ]
Comments : I present the Korean version of Kaze wo Tsukinukete! Huge thanks to Ankaria for the mp3! The lyrics for this song are provided here at REO as well. REO Exclusive Download!