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Rockman Awakens (Episode 1)
[ File Size: 1.0MB ] [ Download ]
Comments : Rockman introduces himself for the first time to Netto Hikari, his new operator. Netto's reaction is surprisingly unenthusiastic, as he was hoping for not such a puny navi. ^_^;
Enzan Ijuin: Prodigy Netbattler (Episode 9)
[ File Size: 1.19MB ] [ Download ]
Comments : Enzan's full of skill and talent, but he's also full of himself. Right off the bat he lays the smackdown on Netto, ordering him to not show up at the N1 Grand Prix with "that kind of skill".
Blues: Navi of Very Few Words (Episode 9)
[ File Size: 2.52MB ] [ Download ]
Comments : Like Operator, Like Navi. Blues in every respect is just like Enzan, full of skill and very confident in his abilities. He won't hestitate to delete anyone in his way, including Rockman himself.
Forte: Fangirls Rejoice! (Episode 32)
[ File Size: 1.35MB ] [ Download ]
Comments : After much waiting and anticipation, Forte finally makes himself known. Rockman has absolutely no clue as to who he is, but he senses something "different" about this mysterious Navi.